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Wound Care

Ally knows wound care product reimbursement.

Individual insurance plans can be complicated. Ally Medical has over 20 years of experience understanding how wound care supplies are reimbursed and the documentation requirements of Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance plans and Medicaid Managed Care replacement plans. 

Specializing in home delivery of wound care supplies.

Patients are treated by clinical practitioners who specialize in wound care to optimize outcomes. Ally Medical continues that specialized service by providing unique home delivery of prescribed wound care supplies. We stock over 1,200 basic and advanced wound care products from the World’s leading manufacturers. We understand that providing these cutting edge products for patients is a critical component to faster wound healing. 


Wound care supplies packaged for better healing.

Ally Medical’s unique woundDOSE packaging helps optimize dressing change compliance and enhance healing outcomes. With woundDOSE, supplies needed for each dressing change are shipped in individual packages specific to the treating clinician’s order. Each package follows the dressing change protocol in the wound care plan of care and arrives at your patient’s home with all appropriate instructions for use.

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